• Tampa Ybor City Czar Laser Light Show
  • Hard Rock Cafe Tampa Seminole
  • Tampa Ybor City Czar Laser Show

Laser Light Shows

Fullcolorlasers.com is dedicated to bringing incredible laser light shows to events all around the country. We have the best quality event lasers in the business, and our trained technicians have been performing laser light shows for years. It's no wonder why Fullcolorlasers.com has been trusted to play in front of more than 20,000 people at one time. Our professionalism and experience allows us to give you the best possible experience for your event or party. Our event lasers can scan the crowd, display logos and messages, and perform any task that you would want them too. The high definition lasers are perfect for indoor and outdoor venues, and will stick out amongst all other decorations.

Concert Laser Shows

Our concert lasers will scan the crowd, pulse, and strobe their way into your guest's memories. Give them a visual that they can't possibly forget. Concert lasers are a safe, non-messy decoration when compared to fog machines, fireworks, confetti, etc. They are just cooler too! Without a concert laser, any music event will become a dull affair. Give your guests a great visual experience to go along with the music. Get people dancing, get people singing, and get people excited with a concert laser.

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